OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS FOR PETITES                                                  13.01.2017 



Over-the-knee boots are one the trendiest shoes of the Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 season. These boots are adaptable for both day and night and are perfect for those chilly days, keeping you warm and bang on-trend.

However, unless you’re a model, over-the-knee boots can be somewhat difficult to pull off when vertically challenged. The fact that they cover more than half of your leg means that they can dominate your lower half, making you appear much shorter than what you are, which is obviously not ideal…ashlea articulates read more

WHERE TO FIND PETITE SHOES?                                                                        30.06.2016 

ashlea articulates 20Finding shoes for petite feet is like trying to find Wally (Waldo) in the ‘Where’s Wally’ illustrative book series. Right when you thought you’d found him, it turns out to be just another guy with killer fashion sense (not that Wally isn’t fabulous!)

I guess what I’m trying to say, is not only do stores seldom carry your size, but the collection is often limited or sold out…ashlea articulates read more

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