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All in Velvet for Petites

Velvet is undoubtedly the hottest trend of the Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 season, with all major fashion brands showcasing their experimental but luxurious designs on every runway across the fashion metropolises.

In an explosion of bold colours from deeps reds, dark blues, greens and classic blacks; velvet has evolved beyond the simple dresses and leggings of yesteryear. Today’s designs include daring playsuits, dazzling blazers and drop-dead gorgeous gowns, adding a touch of femininity and style to your silhouette (if you get it right!).

Totally Petite - All in Velvet

From experience velvet can often drown a petite figure (…think velveteen curtain), so it’s definitely worth investing in a few key pieces and ensuring you’ve got the right fit.

The velvet dress below is from Topshop’s petite range (size 6) and it does just that. I am 5ft tall and the length and fit is perfect on me. What’s great about this dress is that it’s fitted on the top, but flares at the bottom, so it enhances my hour glass figure whilst providing a touch of femininity.

The ditsy design (whilst not for everyone) also adds a touch of vibrancy and because it’s a statement dress it doesn’t need to be accessorized. Pair with Over-the-Knee Boots to complete this look.

What other petite velvet designs are available? A few of my favourite velvet pieces this season can be found at the below online retailers:

  1. Miss Selfridge Petite Velvet Embellished Collar Dress – £33.00
  2. Miss Selfridge Petite Collar Detail Velvet Dress – £39.00
  3. Vero Moda Petite Velvet Emroidered Jacket – £56.00
  4. Noisy May Petite Velvet Biker Style Jacket – £36.00
  5. ASOS Petite Velvet Mini Cami Bodycon Dress – £16.00
  6. New Look Petite Lace Trim Velvet Slip Dress – £24.99

Can’t see any pieces you like, but want to keep up with the trend. Follow these handy tips to make sure you get velvet right this season:

  1. Firstly, when i say ‘All in Velvet’ I don’t literally mean dressing in the material head to toe – you don’t have to pair your velvet dress with your velvet leggings and a velvet purse. Just, NO. One item of velvet is enough, just make sure it’s a statement piece and you’re sure to look and feel glamorous.
  1. Secondly, if you’re new to wearing velvet and want to play it safe, I would recommend sticking to the classic deeper tones and a velvet dresses . Sometimes, velvet can be quite tricky to pull off in lighter shades, but once you feel more comfortable you can always experiment with different designs and colours.
  1. Finally, velvet is a material that works best when accompanied with great cuts that are sleek in design, so always ensure that your velvet pieces are well maintained.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and remember all good things come in small packages.

Love,Ashlea x


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