Over-the-Knee Boots for Petites

Over-the-knee boots are one the trendiest shoes of the Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 season. These boots are adaptable for both day and night and are perfect for those chilly days, keeping you warm and bang on-trend.

However, unless you’re a model, over-the-knee boots can be somewhat difficult to pull off when vertically challenged. The fact that they cover more than half of your leg means that they can dominate your lower half, making you appear much shorter than what you are, which is obviously not ideal!

As a petite myself, I know how hard it is to buy over-the-knee boots that are the right length for your legs (I have to admit, I had to try on quite a few pairs before I settled on mine), but the below tips may help to combat this effect and give you the confidence you need to try them out:

  1. Find a pair that fits snuggly against your legs and that finishes at least an inch above the knee to help elongate the thigh.
  1. Try adding extra height with a pair of high-heeled over-the-knee boots. The lift that you’ll receive from the high heel will make you appear taller than normal and lengthen your legs.
  1. Choosing a pair in black will also provide similar results. The colour is flattering for all body types and has the bonus of matching nearly every outfit.
  1. For those of us who are more curvy opt for a more supple material like suede, which will mould to the shape of your legs and create a slimming effect.
  1. Finally, style your over-the-knee with short dresses, oversized sweaters, skirts and casual shorts, creating a relaxed but elegant look, made complete with a feminine flash of skin at the thighs.

So ready to purchase a pair of over-the-knee boots? Here’s some of my favourites below:

ashlea articulates Over the Knee Boots.PNG

  1. ASOS KINGDOM Stretch Over-the-knee Heeled Boots – £55.00
  2. New Look Black Suedette Tie Up Over The Knee Heeled Boots – £49.99
  3. New Look Black Suedette Block Heel Over The Knee Boots – £44.99
  4. ASOS Truffle Collection Chunky Over Knee Boot – £38.00

Can’t see what you like? Try out the below online retailers for a range of heights, styles and colours:

  1. BooHoo
  2. Tedd & Muffy
  3. Clarks
  4. John Lewis
  5. L.K.Bennett

Let me know what you think in the comments below and remember all good things come in small packages.ashlea articulates 2

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