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Where to find petite shoes?

Where to find petite shoes?

Finding shoes for petite feet is like trying to find Wally (Waldo) in the ‘Where’s Wally’ illustrative book series. Right when you thought you’d found him, it turns out to be just another guy with killer fashion sense (not that Wally isn’t fabulous!).

I guess what I’m trying to say, is not only do stores seldom carry your size, but the collection is often limited or sold out. Try the children’s section some might say? But the shoes tend to be smaller and narrower in fit and the styles are hardly sophisticated. Try finding a finding a gorgeous pair of chic stilettos in the kids section, nigh impossible.

So instead of shopping in the children’s section or resorting to stuffing your shoes with toilet paper (guilty!), why not make your purchases online with sites that cater especially to women with petite feet?

I am UK size 3 (5 US or 35 EU) and often purchases my shoes online because of the scarcity of shoes available in stores; and when I do find a pair of shoes I love, they’re in my shopping bag, faster than you can say Timbuktu!

Here’s some of my favourite online retailers that cater for petite feet from a UK Size 2 and upwards:

  1. Asos
  2. Clarks
  3. New Look
  4. John Lewis
  5. L.K.Bennett
  6. Dainty Feet
  7. Ted and Muffy
  8. My Petite Style
  9. Petite Shoe Boutique
  10. Pretty Small Shoes

Let me know what you think in the comments below and remember all good things come in small packages.ashlea articulates 2

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